Sunday, August 5, 2012

level 2

I started level 2 on the shred, I'm dying. But then its also harder and I have added another work out in there too. I feel awesome. I've lost nine pounds in 2 weeks. its getting more noticeable to me. I am kinda excited to see Nathan next weekend to see if he has noticed.
I have added yoga meltdown and 6 week 6 pack to my regime of Jillian Michaels work outs. She does work. I will not deny that one bit. I only got them Friday and have done them each once. I like them both and they are both killer too. They help me in different ways that you cannot believe. As much as I hate her, I love her too only because I am finally doing something about getting healthy. I want to be healthy and fit. If heavier people than me can do this, I know I can do it too. Its all about motivation.
Like, last night I did not want to do it because I really didn't have a good dinner (one hot dog, but also had cottage cheese and tomato as a side to it and some watermelon for dessert) But I am amazed how just that one thing made me feel blah. But I knew that if I didn't do it that crap of a dinner would get to me. Let's just say I am sore today. My sides hurt from Friday still from all the ab work I did, but I am not going to lie I like it. I know my muscles are changing for the better.
When I started this I was on the brink of 200 pounds. I have never been that heavy in my life (I was like 190 and HATED IT) I am down to 180-182. I am almost to pre-pregnancy weightm which is 176. That is my first goal to get there. Once I hit that I want to get down to 145-150 minimum. That is a good spot for me. I was that when Nathan and I met and was happy there. I checked my BMI for that range and its perfect. At the moment I am just over weight. For my height anything lower than 145 is just sickly. I got down to 130 at one time and I looked horrible. I was TOO SKINNY. Plus the diet I was on wasn't a good one either. Power bars and salad don't do a body good.
I have changed how I eat. I cut out pop ( I have had one at the movies last week and barely drank it, I prefer my water now) On the topic of water I drink it all the time! I have a cup by me as we speak/type/read. I tend to fill it up 2-3 times a day and when I work out I drink a couple of them because I sweat so much more. As for food I just make better choices. I dont snack on junk food. Where I babysit, they tend to have a lot of processed foods, so I take grapes or cukes or something of health with me so I do not go nuts. I do not miss junk food (though today is rest/cheat day and I got me cookie dough ice cream. I have been dreaming about it since Friday.)
Maybe I will be brave enough to post photos of me soon. I have pics, I can see my difference, but I don't know if people want to see my in my underwear!

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