Monday, May 28, 2012

The hardest thing...

The hardest part about being an EMT is watching some one contained on a long board and cot asking you "Am I going to make it?" And all I can say is yes you will be fine. Which my patient was fine, he survived...his car didn't, but he did. I told him we can replace cars and everything else, but you we cannot replace. You are more important to us than a car. Which is true. Cars are material things. The human life is so precious. The lady that caused the accident did not make it. It was bad timing on her part. She clipped one car and hit the other car head on. She was only 69.
I take great pride in knowing that I have saved a few lives in my short clinical time. After that accident I knew I could do it. As a basic EMT, there isn't much I will be able to do. But with what I can do I know it will make a difference in some ones life (or lives)
I guess this is my way of not letting things like a major accident get to me. I was told if we dwell on it to much you can go nuts. I don't want to have that happen. I still have my hospital clinical time to do, which I will see the other side. I may see more deaths. I dont know what I will see in the ER. I am nervous about that too.

That is me in the white. We were moving him from the car to the stretcher. It was not easy at all. You have  so many people around, shards of car, glass, gas, oil, you name it..its there. You gotta be on your toes and be prepared for the worst. The medic that worked the lady was so overwhelmed after wards that she wanted to break down.

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