Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just some thoughts

When I started my EMT class back in February I never in a million years thought I would see the end of it. I was scared. Gradually I had gotten more and more comfortable with it.
Friday was my last EMT clinical before class is over. I got most of my experience that day. This is when I realised that I can do this. I can save a life. To know that my hands are going to help some one live is one of the best things I can ever imagine. To know that the man I helped is ok today makes me feel so much better. It is a part of me to help and to nurture. There is nothing else I want to do any more. I wish back when I started at U of M I went into nursing. Today I could be a nurse or a doctor! I felt that it was right to stick with my childhood dream of becoming a teacher. I guess my dream was wrong. I want to work in the medical field when I grow up.
I see things better now, knowing that "hey this is how such and such works" I was in awe of how such simple tasks we do in our breathing. We do not think about it, but the way our brain, lungs,heart and other organs react is just a miracle. Even with how blood goes through the body. One little cell makes a huge trip do sustain life in us. Its amazing.

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