Monday, May 28, 2012

mind changing

I feel so indecisive sometimes about making my schedule for clinicals. I thought I would originally do two 12 hr shifts and i changed my mind and decided to do four 6 hour ones because it seems more reasonable to do it that way. One I will get more of a variety of things to do, two I get to work with my row buddies.
I just don't want to overwhelm myself with it. I know its go go go in the Er so it will go a lot faster than six hours at one of the bases.

Maybe I wont like the hospital, maybe I will. All I know is that an ER tech makes A LOT more than an EMT. I hope that I can get into a hospital somewhere to do this because I need money. I need to start saving to move. Moving into another country is not an easy task. I have to make a list (and check it twice) to make sure that immigration doesn't have issues with it.

But I will be so happy when the day comes that My family will be all together. I don't know who it is harder on..Carter or Nathan. We are five hours away from one another. If it wasn't for msn video chat I don't know what we would do. We see each other every other weekend and try to video chat on the days he has off. It sucks when you have a little boy who is in love with his daddy. I will be happy when Friday gets here and we see him.

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