Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my baby turkey

Carter was born on October 11, 2010. It was the original day I wanted him to be born, but due to my OB not being able to get that day for surgery I had to change it to the 12th. But then the hospital said no and it got changed to the 19th. But my little turkey baby had other ideas.

That weekend we had went to Costco to get some stuff for Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving is Oct 11...hence me calling Carter my turkey baby) All weekend I felt like crap and didn't think anything of it. Sunday we just chilled until Nathan had to go to work until 7am. I was having  trouble breathing because he was breech and his head was in my lung. I decided at about 2am it was time to take a little nap before I went to get Nathan from work. Well at about 430 am my water broke. I thought I peed the bed. I get up and go to the bathroom to make sure. I get on the computer to tell Nathan that my water broke. I call my parents about 5 times to ask questions and to tell them we are on our way. The hospital was called a couple times as well.

In the time I told Nathan I was packing our stuff so we could go to the hospital. I was having bad contractions to boot too. I got all our stuff around as fast as I could so I could drive to Nathan's work to get him (yes I drove while I was in labour). We got back Nathan got ready as fast as I had ever seen him. We got to the boarder to Customs and it was honestly the fastest time we ever got through. The officer asked us where we were from and what was gong on...it was a basic "Canadian, American, and she is in labour!" The Officer in the other booth got mad that we were let through so fast, but what are they gonna do make me give birth to a breech baby in immigration? I think not.

We got to the hospital in about an hour time. I had bad contractions the whole drive, they were a good 5-7 min apart.  Nathan was driving this time, there was no way in hell I could have drove. We got there and went up to the Birthing Centre and I went into triage where I changed and the nurse checked to see if my water had really broken. I never got checked to see how far I was dilated since I had a c-section. I was in triage for about 5 min until I got my room where I got some what comfortable for 20 min so they could get my papers set and the IV hooked up. My parents had made it by then and were just as nervous as I was. Nathan was about crapping his pants because he was so scared.

I got wheeled into the OR and got prepped for surgery and waiting for Nathan. the worst part was the spinal. It hurt so bad. From what Nathan told me while he was waiting for me is that the nurses were complaining that My OB did not try to turn Carter. I had my reasons for that. It would do more harm than help, would not work, and the fact that I have scar tissue on my uterus from my LEEP that I had 3 years prior. Nathan got to sit on a little stool where the suction cords were so he got to see all the blood and baby juice being sucked out of me. It seemed like it took forever for them to get him out. The moment I heard him I started to bawl like a baby. I never thought I would cry like that. Nathan was the first one to hold him in the OR while I was getting stapled back together. The one thing I so remember asking him was what the smell was...it was my skin being burnt! I do not remember much from the surgery after that. I got wheeled out and was alone for a good 40 min to recover before anyone could come and see me. Carter was in my room before me to get cleaned up.

Our first reaction was that he was so dark. Nathan joked with me and asked if Carter was an Indian baby. He pinked up a couple days later. I thought he looked just like Nathan, and I still do! I see a lot of me in him as well, but he is going to be just like his daddy. The first time I held him it was awesome. I had never felt that much love for one tiny little person in my life. He was perfect to both of us.

I spent 2 and a half days in the hospital (and it was ok, but not fun) I was walking around the day after I had him. By the time he was 4 days old I was walking around the mall shopping for him. lol. Call me crazy, but I did not hurt one bit from my incision. My back hurt more than anything.

As for how we came up with his name, It was a last minute thing. We had a list of names and Nathan didn't really like any of mine, so he made a list of names and Carter was one of them I fell in love with it. I picked Evan for his middle name. But when we were getting ready to leave Nathan asked me what I wanted to name him I said "I don't know"..he went on with "ok we will go with Carter" and I said ok.  The one thing we missed about the 11th was the turkey dinner! lol We were so looking forward to it and having a week left before he came. His room wasn't totally ready. I didn't have a bad packed for him. I didn't have a bag for me really, just the clothes that I had at Nathan's house.

Needless to say it is going to be one of my top memories on how my little family started. Now I am counting down the days until we can give Carter a sibling because I sure miss being pregnant. It was one of the best times in my life (minus the summer heat!)

One of the first pictures of him. He doesn't even look like the same baby as he does now. I tell him to stop growing, but he wont listen!


  1. Wow so crazy that you drove yourself to his work!! I would have died. Haha. Such an amzing story. I love birth stories! How much did he weigh? Love the little "turkey" nickname. Super cute!

    btw I'm an OCT mommy. :)

  2. He was 6 lbs 15 oz and 21 inches long. It was tiny to what I thought I was gonna have.


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