Monday, August 27, 2012

its all about the money...and health

I was just talking to my mom about money...its always her main topic of discussion because there never seems to be enough. I was trying to tell her how to cut down on the things she doesn't need to make more money for the things she needs.
#1 is pop. Meijer has sales on pop at least twice a month for 8 bottles (20 oz) for 4 packs for $11, plus the .10 cent deposit. So, that is $14.20 a month on pop. If she cut that out that's $170.40 saved! You can even get soda water and add things to it for that fizz need and still save money.
#2 is potato chips. Its close to $4 a bag. You can get 5 lbs of potatoes for the same price and make your own. You can save almost $50 a year on that if you make your own, plus all of the other things you can do with potatoes.
#3 is snack food. Its empty calories in anyone's diet. Little Debbie needs to die sometimes. Your cheap "food" is killing us. Sure its yummy, but I can make cookies for cheaper than your 12 yummy treats. I prefer fruits and veggies over the snacks. I can feel better (and fuller) with something of health and nutrition. Like right now my fave meal is sauteed onions and mushrooms with some pepper and garlic salt with cottage cheese. Its so yummy!
Same goes with meat. The red meat all the time isnt good. Add some chicken or fish int here! I love fish I adore it really. There is so much you can add to it to make it taste awesome. A little spice goes a long way sometimes.

Sometimes its amazing what little things can help you. I am no exception. I have cut a lot of things out of my life to make sure Carter has the things he needs. I have cut out candy and pop and I honestly feel great. I just put things in water now to give me that sweet I crave. Even grapes kick the sweet tooth crave too. Now I dont go denying myself it either. I tend to have ice cream once a week or two just to give me a chocolate boost (Cookie dough ice cream all the way!) Plus I measure my stuff. You'd be amazed how far things go when you measure. Plus you don't over do it when you keep an exact amount of what you have.

Now that I have talked about making potato chips I am going to. Maybe that will be another post.

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