Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Battle

We are having two major battles here. One is milk, the other bed.
The problem with milk is that if he gets to much he cant #2 right! I had to take him off it while he was sick and then I gradually put him back on it a little at a time. I thought I had a good system going (3 times a day at meals) and then BOOM he starts puking from gagging again. So we stopped milk for another day, just to make sure (thank God for yogourt and cheese right?)
My solution, no milk at night...He gets two take and toss cups during the day. One in the morning ( this doesn't include his cereal milk) and one at lunch. I found out that if he gets any type of milk before sleeping time he gags.
I thought of switching him to soy/almond milk at the time, but I dont think its an intolerance issue. Its his stupid sickness!

As for bed, we changed his bed to a toddler day bed. Since he has been sick he has slept with me (irrational fear of him not breathing from compensating) So now that he is better he can go back in his bed. Easy right? NOPE. He refuses his bed to every degree he has. Night one he slept in there from 11-6 (with a bout of CIO) Last night was 9-6, no CIO, I sat next to him and moved away slowly ala Super Nanny. It worked too. He was out cold in 5 minutes and never made a peep!
I know one night isn't going to make a huge difference, but I Hope in some way it helped him understand that he needs to sleep in his bed again. We have done everything in our power to make his bed a cool place. He got a new night has fish so its "Nemo" He has his whole gang of Sesame Street (plus 4 Elmos....I suspect he is the ring leader)

Its just amazing how little kids get something in their head and that is the way. Yea, I know my bed is better...but mama (and daddy) need time away from you!

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