Tuesday, December 2, 2014

school and snot.....and more snot

Carter started school in September, all day five days a week...The day I found out I was a wreck. I was NOT ready for my child to go to school that long! (FYI I got over it...I CHERISH those six hours I have alone) But, with starting school means getting colds A LOT. My poor child has had at least 3 colds in two months. 
Smiley360 gave me a mission...Children's Mucinex....and I have to say it works! He had a cold for three weeks and NOTHING was working...even his prescription medicines!!! This medicine came just in time and after that initial dose I saw a whole new child...he was happy (minus the "gross" taste he claims) and didn't have a constant faucet nose!!! He only needed three doses in four days to get over his cold.

I cant say anything bad about this stuff. My son can. lol he hates the taste of it, but I told him that the bad tasting things are what make you get better faster! And that mom is always right!!!!

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