Sunday, July 22, 2012

Its been a while

Since my last post I have passed my class. I am a certified EMT, but I still need to get my license. I have seen my classmates take it and say its easy, but test taking has never been easy for me. Once I take it I will have a better job by far (not that I don't enjoy watching kids, but sitting on my bum all day isn't my cup of tea). I've just been chilling and enjoying Carter as he is growing more and more (and talking more and more) He is getting so big. He will be 2 in October and its hard to think that my 6lb 15 oz little baby is growing into a little boy. He is so smart. Just watching his actions proves to me how smart he is. He talks as a 2 year old would..1-3 word sentences and words here and there and lots of babble. He is just so funny all the time. He is a mama's boy to the end of the world.
Nathan is being transferred to the International airport in Toronto because the contract with his company was lost and a new company came in. He talked to them, but they didn't impress him. We were worried about what was going to happen to us. He has only been there a short time. But I knew his boss wouldn't let him hang. He was offered the same job, with a dollar less an hour, BUT can move into management at the airport. So I think its a better opportunity for him. In a years time he could have a better job (maybe less time) What ever it takes to get us there so  we can be together. This twice a month stuff isn't flying with us.
As for me I started to work out (30 day shred) I like it. its just enough to get me started until I get into bigger and better work outs (p90x) I need to lose weight. I am sick of looking 5 months pregnant all the time. Plus there is a small thing called a wedding!

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